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Rancid - Trouble Maker - Review

Rancid have cemented themselves in history as quite possibly the greatest punk band that has ever been. You can't argue the fact that the band just keep on coming at you with pure venom and sheer class.

Trouble Maker marks the bands ninth studio album and further shows just how important Rancid still are. Still heavily influenced by confronting political and social issues through their music they manage to yet again bring out an incredible work of art in Trouble Maker.

In certain cases with bands that have been around seemingly forever you can hear their music and passion die out and the music suffers, but with Rancid it is absolutely the opposite, they somehow manage to just get better and better, just as you think you have heard the best from them they hit you with another single or another album.

Rancid are an unstoppable force and with this monstrous seventeen track album to add to their arsenal it is hard to see if anyone will ever claim their punk throne.

Rancid, the most important punk band in history, still going strong, still delivering absolute perfection and showing no signs of slowing down!


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