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L.M.I - Far Beyond Nothing

U.S.A based Stoner/Punk/Hardcore band L.M.I (Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals) have fired us over their newest album Far Beyond Nothing, which was released earlier this year.

L.M.I have been around for almost a decade now (7 years) and their experience really shines through in their latest record 'Far Beyond Nothing'. The band have perfected their blend of hardcore and dulling doom tones to breathe new life into the genre.

Having previously toured with some of the biggest names in Doom Metal, including Pentagram, it is only a matter of time before the band take on the mantle of the best Doom band out there, they are seriously that good!

Far Beyond Nothing displays what the band are capable of and is a perfect album to win over new fans, it is expertly executed and produced giving the band something to be incredibly proud of and something that should project them further into the spotlight.

An outstanding piece of work from a very promising band with that has all the experience to take the next big step into the limelight as well as a sound worthy of stardom, these guy's deserve to be absolutely massive and we are backing them to get there.

R R R R **Ones to watch**

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