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High Down - Moving On

High Down have fired us across their newest EP 'Moving On' which is due out on the 1st September, here's what we think!

The band have infused old school pop-punk and thrown their own modern day twist into the equation, a fine combination of well written lyrics and up-beat instrumental work will ensure that the tracks pave way for the band to step on to the music scene with a strong footing.

With pop-punk been as huge as it is in the UK at the moment the band are capitalising on the movement with an incredible release that should create some traction within the local and national pop-punk scene.

The guys have even thrown in a steady acoustic song into the mix to demonstrate a little more diversity that they can bring to their arsenal of music.

It's hard to argue that the lads are on to something with their talents and it will be interesting to see how people take to them once they have released the EP, furthermore it will be very interesting to see what else they have up their sleeves.

Is it too soon to say they will be a hit? Probably not, they have the quality, they have the foundations and they have the drive to succeed, and we wish them all the luck in the world.

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