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The Guilt - Interview

Adam - Let’s talk about The Guilt, how did you create your sound?

The Guilt - As soon as we had enough songs we started playing live. Playing live and experiencing the sound with an audience was the most important to find the right dynamics. It pushed us forward because, of course, there was a lot to improve. We weren’t sure ourselves that it was possible to create a convincing mix between the raw punk rock energy and the electronic sounds. A lot of trial and error. Tobias went through many different drum machines and synths looking for the right stuff.

Adam - Was there anything you really wanted to experiment with when you were working on your debut self titled album?

The Guilt - Yes. Everything! For our first baby together we wanted to make sure we made the best of the songs but also being able to present an evolved and maxed version of The Guilt. After all, it’s about dancing whilst screaming. We found some skilled people to help us tie the ends together and really push the limits and add new layers. We are really happy with the result!

Adam - What was the best part about the recording process?

The Guilt - When we heard the test pressing of the vinyl! Alain Steffler (Le Prince Harry) and Gustav Brunn (Atlas Losing Grip, Lawgiver) are two skilled and inspiring technicians and producers. Working with them really brought out the best in us.

Adam - And what was the worst?

The Guilt - It was painful being creative with a deadline. For Emma the worst was recording vocals in her own closet then editing the vocal tracks on a 18 hour bus ride to Germany. Working alone sometimes brings out the worst.

Adam - Tell us about the music scene in Sweden, what are gigs like over there?

The Guilt - Haha, as long as you don’t upset the polar bears, it’s fine. In Malmö, our hometown, there is a lot brewing when it comes to music and culture. You should come visit!

Adam - Where is the number one place you want to play a show that you haven't yet?

The Guilt - A pool party with a lot of bubbles and a floating PA.

Adam - On the topic of playing shows, we are asking bands if they have any thoughts on touring abroad with the recent terror threats, is there anywhere you wouldn't think about playing at the moment?

The Guilt - No.

Adam - What can people expect from your live shows?

The Guilt - Sweat, party, action, dancey tunes and after show stretching.

Adam - How would you best describe yourself to people who haven't heard your music before?

The Guilt - Tobias describes himself as a average height male with a hot body, average face and bald head. Emma is more like..short, crooked teeth, killer legs. It’s like a mix between a Lion and a tiger, a Liger. Haha. No, like Roxette with knives or maybe what ABBA would have sounded like if they continued playing after the divorces, spiteful and angry 80's disco.

Adam - What other plans do you have for this year, music video, touring plans?

The Guilt - We hope to play as much as possible after the summer. We are planning to write new material because we recently learned how to make albums. We are working on some projects with other bands, like Belgian synth punk duo Le Prince Harry. We hope to visit new places and see new faces.

You can check The Guilt here: Facebook

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