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Invoker - Four Wall Nightmare - Review

Invoker are a five-piece hardcore outfit from Switzerland, their debut album Four Wall Nightmare was fired over to us to check out.

I think the hardest thing about being a hardcore band is that everybody else out there are all doing the exact same, they all follow a certain blueprint so it is very difficult to push through the densely populated genre to deliver something that sounds both fresh and exciting.

Invoker manage to both follow the blueprint of what you expect from a hardcore band but also manage to make it sound fresh and new, they are fast, loud and hit hard but they also incorporate some soothing melodies which break up their tracks nicely.

As a band Invoker have the full package and Four Wall Nightmare should well be a breakthrough album for the band. It will be interesting to see what they can deliver in the future, but for now, Four Wall Nightmare is certainly worth a blast through!

Rating: R R R

Invoker online: Facebook

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