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Cinema Cinema - Man Bites Dog - Review

The fourth album from highly experimental rock duo Cinema Cinema, Man Bites Dog, was thrown our way to check out.

There is absolutely no aesthetic to this album whatsoever, it is full blown in your face loud, it takes no prisoners at all and just leaps down your ear drum and batters it to pieces.

The album was actually halted during recording as the band's gear was stolen and they had to continue with borrowed instruments and that raw anger really transpires across on to the album, it's like a really pissed off bloke is screaming at you and is going to knock your teeth out if you don't give him his stuff back.

The riffs are so oddly broken and fragmented, at first you can't tell if they actually go with the song but then everything blends somehow, it is incredibly masterful the way the band have not only written and recorded this album but the way that they have created something so completely mind blowing and full throttle.

Each song is like a musical jigsaw, the band give you all the elements and it's down to you to try make them work, there is just so much going on!


Cinema Cinema online: Facebook

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