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Defences - With Might And Main - Review

We have been sent the debut full length album from hotly tipped band Defences titled 'With Might and Main'.

The band have been receiving high praise of late and it is clear to see why! With Might and Main immediately bursts to life with a nice building intro before kicking off into the first track 'The Take Off'.

The bands distinctive sound and style is present throughout the entire album, showcasing what they are capable of across a monstrous thirteen track album. The band have really thrown down the gauntlet to other bands trying to break through onto the scene. I can't quite remember the last time I heard a debut album sound so massive and promising and it highlights the kind of career these guys have in store for them.

With Might and Main is powerfully uplifting and gorgeously easy to listen to combined with hard hitting metal-core vocals, the band have mastered a perfect blend and are set to take on the world.

With Might and Main is released on the 26th May 2017.

Track Listing:

1. Re-Emerge

2. The Takeoff

3. Two Steps Back

4. Grow

5. Let You In

6. Scared

7. Gravity

8. Oh Stranger

9. Losing Time

10. Beneath The Surface

11. Alleviate

12. Shanghai

13. Might and Main

You can check Defences out here: Facebook


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