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Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea - Review

We recently asked our close friends over at Napalm Records if we could review the eagerly anticipated album 'No Grave But The Sea For Dogs' but instead they told us that they would much rather prefer it if we reviewed the human version, so here is what we think of 'No Grave But The Sea'.

Alestorm are quite possibly the greatest pirate band on the planet, purely because I think they are the only one, but that isn't the point. No Grave But The Sea is a real testament to what the band are all about, and how they continue to seemingly effortlessly produce incredible tales of days gone by is beyond me.

Alestorm could quite easily branch away from pirate metal and produce a very respectable album with topics just like anybody else in the music scene these days, but why would they want to when they can be pirates?!

As you can expect every single track on the album is an epic tale of slaughter, sex and sailing combined with thrilling and powerful instrumental work it's clear to see why Alestorm are the only pirate metal band on the planet, because anybody else attempting to imitate them will fall drastically short, nobody can do what they can do, they are masters of their genre, they stand alone and they stand fucking tall.

No Grave But The Sea is an outstanding piece of work, Alestrom are an outstanding band full of originality and they are only going to get stronger.

We are catching up with the band at Hellfest in France this year so keep an eye out for that interview, it's bound to be incredible.

Track List:

No Grave But The Sea


To The End Of The World


Bar und Lmbiss

Fucked With an Anchor

Pegleg Potion

Man the Pumps

Rage of the Pentahook

Treasure Island

You can follow Alestrom here: Facebook

Riff Rating: A....R R R R R R...GH (5 R's)

If anyone from Metalblade or Alestorm read this please let us review No Grave But The Sea For Dogs..... It will be barking brilliant.

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