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Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters - Interview

We sent some questions over to Welsh Melodic Hard Rocker Beth Blade, from Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters. Check out how we got on below:

Adam - Tell us about yourselves, how did you from, where did the name idea come from?

BB - We formed after I met Jack, our first guitarist, at Fuel rock club in Cardiff. I sent him some of my songs and then he got his friend Sam who was a drummer involved. I then convinced Nick to play bass even though he was a lead guitarist and we had one rehearsal and then booked our first show for 10 days later! The name is actually a direct tribute to Joan Jett and The Black Hearts but the Beautiful Disasters part comes from the Slash song 'World On Fire'.

Adam - Who are your main influences in music?

BB- We always get asked this and there are so many but we are going to limit it to 6! KISS, Guns n Roses, Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm, Thin Lizzy and the Foo Fighters.

Adam - How would you best describe yourselves to people that have not heard your music?

BB - Straight up in your face Hard rock with and old school attitude but with a modern twist.

Adam - Is there anything you want to experiment with musically that you haven't attempted yet?

BB - One thing I haven't managed to get into a song yet is a Thin Lizzy style harmonised guitar solo! There are also some piano-based songs that I'm playing with at the moment which would be something new for us!

Adam - What was the writing process like for your new album 'Bad Habit' compared to anything else you have worked on?

BB - With Sick Like This (our first E.P) I worked on those songs for years to get them exactly how I wanted them. With Bad Habit we road-tested some of the songs first, saw how the crowd reacted to them. other songs we'd never played live so didn't know how they would come out sounding. One of the songs is from our first week as a band whereas Bad Habit the title track was written only 2 days before we went into the studio and we'd never even played it together more than briefly the night before. The whole process was so creative and engaging for all of us.

Adam - What was the high point of recording and writing the album?

BB - Probably the fact that we got to cut half of it at Rockfield studios. So many legendary bands and albums have been recorded there, Sabbath, Motorhead, Rush and even Queen. It was an absolute dream come true and that knowledge really bled into the whole record. I've honestly never been more happy than I was when we were recording there and the guys will probably agree that it's one of the best experiences any of us have had.

Adam - As a female in rock, do you feel there is an issue regarding getting more women involved in music?

BB - It's getting better all the time which is great. I have little girls telling me they want to play guitar and be a rock star which just humbles me. There's still a lot of sexism in the industry, I used to get a lot of it when we first started out but for every idiot there was someone helping us so I can't really complain. There are so many great female role models in music out there right now so I think the next generation is going to be thriving with female musicians.

Adam - What do you think the best way forward would be to include more women and get more women involved?

BB - I was told in school that a career in music was a bad choice let alone one in rock music. Luckily I had really supportive parents and they wanted me to be whatever I wanted. I think the arts and music in schools needs to be more inclusive of women history within those areas. They should be learning about women like Carol Kaye and Suzi Quatro.

Adam - Did you find any issues yourself when you started out, and if so how did you combat them?

BB - I used to get the whole 'I wish my girlfriend would carry my guitar' comments and the occasional musician who thought it was okay to grab my ass. It's something you learn to deal with even though you shouldn't really have to. The way I always deal with it is to let the music do the talking, there's no question that when I get on that stage my balls are just as big as any dude who might be up there too. For every incident like that I've had we've actually been really lucky to have a lot of support from a lot of people. You need to keep strong and believe in what you do and the rest follows regardless of what other people may say. Adam - What has been the high point for you over the past year?

BB - We had so much fun doing 2 tours with Marco Mendoza, we got to play in a lot of places where we wouldn't have had the chance to and it really got us out there to a lot of different people and helped us create the amazing little fan base we have now.

Adam - What has been the best piece of advice you have been given recently?

BB - We supported Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson of Black Star Riders in Cardiff. I was talking to Ricky after the show and he told me not to stop doing what I was doing and that if you want it enough and you work hard for it, you can actually make a living at this music thing.

Adam - What else can fans expect from you this year?

BB - Lots and lot's of gigs, we want to get back to Scotland, play some more in the North of England and hopefully some shows in Ireland and Europe too. Fingers crossed by the end of the year we'll be back in the studio!

Adam - What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on tour?

BB - Having to pee in a bush in front of 9 men one being the former bass player for Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy!

Adam - What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done?

BB - I wouldn't call it crazy but one of our fans Jon has our band logo tattooed! I am totally honored that he loves us that much that he did that!

Adam - Do you have any messages to get out to the fans?

BB - Just that we love them and without them we really wouldn't be able to do what they do, they are making our dreams possible so I will forever be grateful to them.

Adam - What is your ultimate zombie survival plan?! Which band mate would you use as live bait? What is your zombie slaying track list?

Well I'm sorry to say Sam would probably get eaten first, he's a brilliant drummer but is very clumsy! Nick would probably be the only one to survive as I don't function without Ribena and Pizza! We'd have to have Countdown to Extinction by Megadeth as our zombie apocalypse soundtrack for sure!

You can check Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters out here: Facebook

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