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Invoker - Interview

We fired some questions over to Switzerland based hardcore band Invoker, check out what front man Dave had to say below.

Adam - Tell us about yourselves, how did you from, where did the name idea come from?

Dave - Most of us know each other since school and used to play in our first bands together and after Peter and Andy's old band split up we thought it was the right time to start something new. The name is coming from Andy's Job in which he is a programmer and the term was used in a method which he used to work with and he kinda liked the name of it.

Adam - Who are your main influences in music?

Dave - That's a hard question since everyone of us is into stuff that comes from post-rock, to hardcore and goes to black metal. I'd say for me it's bands like Brand New, Counterparts, Have Heart and Architects.

Adam - Is there anything you want to experiment with musically that you haven't attempted yet?

Dave - Well I started to sing on the new record which needed a lot of overcoming. But musically I wouldn't know something I really want to try out. I think that stuff just happens in the process of writing.

Adam - Your eagerly anticipated debut album Four Wall Nightmare was released earlier this month, what has the feedback being like from the fans?

Dave - It was really positive and we are totally happy with how it came out.

Adam - What was the best part of recording the album?

Dave - That was probably to work with someone who was on the same level as we are but wasn't afraid to tell us if he didn't like something and gave us tips.

Adam - What was the worst/hardest part?

Dave - Not drinking too much beer in the studio.

Adam - How do you feel your music has evolved from when you first started out?

Dave - I would say that we as a band grew closer to each other and became a better team then we were when we began. So our music got more mature and when developed a sound that we think is capable of expressing the feelings we intend to.

Adam - What can fans expect from you this year?

Dave - As many shows as possible all over Europe and probably a new video.

Adam - A hot topic in the music scene at the moment is the crowd killing issue which is dividing opinion, do you feel something needs to be done to ensure safety requirements are met and gig goers are kept safe, or do you feel gig goers should expect a certain level of crowd killing?

Dave - I think it depends on the music but I'm not really a fan of it. We like people moshing to our music as long as it's just fun and not some kind of violence.

Adam - What is the music scene like in Switzerland?

Dave - It rules! We have a lot of local bands that are absolutely smashing it and we have great promoters that make shows in the whole country.

Adam - With recent terror threats do you find yourselves a little reluctant to travel and do shows?

Dave - Not in the slightest.

Adam - What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on tour?

Dave - When we slept drunk in our van somewhere on an Italian highway because we didn't have a place to sleep.

Adam - What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done?

Dave - Well the craziest thing is seeing people getting tattoos related to our music. Like the one who got a Lost/Alone tattoo. That really blows our mind.

Adam - And finally, what is your ultimate Zombie Survival Plan? What is your zombie slaying soundtrack, which band member would you use as live bait? How would you survive?!

Dave - Well our soundtrack would probably be Cannibal Corpse's Death Walking Terror and our survival plan would be to break into a prison, make our selves comfortable and talk about our feelings. The bait would be our bass player Patrick, but it wouldn't matter, because we would all be that within minutes anyway.

You can check the guys out over on Facebook here: Invoker

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