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Isotopes - Interview

We sent some questions over to Isotopes front man Evan October to have a look at, here's how we got on...

Adam - Tell us a little bit about yourselves, how did Isotopes form? Who are your main influences?

Evan - Our main influences are The Ramones, Back 2 Back Jays, Major League 1 and 2, Head, Turbonegro, George Brett, Adolescents. Adam - Where did the idea come from to merge baseball with music?

Evan - It was delivered to us by the baseball gods in a steroid induced delirium. We were chosen. Adam - What can fans expect from you guys this year?

Evan - We've shaved 38 seconds off our live set and the band is a shit-hot rock and roll machine poised to keep knocking dicks in the dust worldwide. We got a new record out on Stomp and Destiny and it's our best work yet. Adam - What makes an Isotopes show different from any other band's?

Evan - Well for us it's just that we have to play Isotopes shows but we don't have to play other shows. I'm not sure what happens at the other ones but at ours you get free bubblegum Adam - Is there anything you wish you could include into your music that you haven't tried yet?

Evan - Not anymore. We finally managed to slip a few subliminal messages onto the new record so if that pays off our work is done. Adam - Why baseball? Surely Football (Or as you guys wrongly call it, Soccer) is the greatest sport in the world...

Evan - I can see why you might say that. They don't call baseball a thinking man's game for nothin'. Adam - Do you have any plans to come to the UK?

Evan - We plan to be in the UK in 2017.

Adam - What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on tour?

Evan - One time we had to open up for the Real McKenzies for a whole week. Adam - Do you have any pre show rituals?

Evan - Yeah of course we do. We're superstitious. We're ritualistic. We practice voodoo on the local bands. Also everywhere we go fans bring us bottles of Cazadores tequila for some reason so we drink a lot of that. Adam - Who is the greatest baseball player to ever grace the game, and why?

Evan - Bobby Valentine, because he claims to have invented the wrap. He didn't do that. People were wrapping tortillas around vegetables long before Bobby Valentine, but he claims it was his idea, and that makes him the greatest. Adam - Finally, what is your ultimate zombie survival plan? Where do you hold up, what is your soundtrack to smashing some skulls in and which band member would you use as live bait, how do you survive?!

Evan - We're not worried about zombies, we're worried about real shit like watching baseball games on television and fucking our wives.

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