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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Live Review - 24th March - Leeds

LIVE: Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes @ Leeds Stylus 24th March 2017

The best-dressed man in rock brings the style, excitement and punk rock passion to the heart of Yorkshire.

A top ten second album, extensive radio play and a sold out tour. It seems then that frank Carter And The Rattle Snake are on somewhat of a high at the moment and from the atmosphere surrounding the venue tonight the expectation for this to be a memorable one is also very high.

Early door and It's hard to imagine any band wanting to start at half six at night, especially when you're opening to one of the countries biggest rock acts. However, that's exactly what Strange Bones do and they really start something. Without a moments hesitation the band blast into their first song and immediately cause a stir in the audience. Waiting times at the bar are completely removed as lead singer Rob smashes into the audience belting out the bands cover of Spitfire and absolutely everyone in the venue rushes to the scene. It's easy to describe the sound as something like "in your face punk rock", but this is more than that. Political undertones merged together with a frighteningly large and overwhelmingly raw sound. Without a shadow of a doubt if Strange Bones play anywhere near you, you should see them and see why an audience of thirty quickly escalated into at least a hundred.

Next up, YONAKA don’t seem to have the same impact, a much bigger crowd but half are just securing a spot for the main event. This is a shame as YONAKA are a band with an intriguing sound and Mesmerising stage presence, this mainly coming from front woman Theresa Jarvis who has all the swagger of a young Iggy Pop teamed with the vocal aggression of Karen O. YONAKA are definitely a band to watch out for and I am In no doubt that their music will soon be on the likes of Radio 1 but for tonight the crowd are here for one band and one band only.

From the very first moment Frank Carter and his band of rattlesnakes walk out onto the stage the crowd are his and why not. BOOM first song and the crowd turns into a whirlwind of sweat, pumping fists and circle pit after circle pit, already this has all the recipe to be a very special show. Next two songs ‘Trouble’ and ‘Juggernaut’ from 2015 debut album ‘Blossoms’ progress the crowds energy to a whole new level, the air is now a wash with empty pint cups and security are defiantly earning their wage tonight. This has to be one of the rowdiest crowds I have ever seen but franks showmanship and stage presence makes everybody feel safe and at one, this is evidence more when Frank makes a speech about how girls should be made to feel safe at gigs a testament tonight’s crowd couldn’t agree with more and what better way to show this then with girl only crowd surfing.

The old stuff feels aggressive and raw and the new stuff, fit for purpose and relevant I have seen Frank perform live many times and I thought I knew what I was going to see tonight but this performance felt different more refined and developed but still honest,huge but still intimate I think we were seeing a band in a moment their moment and from the smiles and laughter coming from Frank and the rest of the band on stage I think they know it too and why not.

A performance that will not be forgotten anytime soon and if you weren’t there, then well sorry, you missed out.

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