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Heart Attack - The Resilience

For a long time now Riff Media have had quite a following in France, it started off a couple of years ago when we began working with some of the best unsigned acts in the country and now we are pushing forward and working with many, many more.

Adding to that list we now have the incredible Heart Attack, with their newest album The Resilience, which is released through Apathia Records.

For us France has always been a treasure trove for metal bands and Heart Attack are another band we can happily add to that list.

The Resilience is an enormous album that brings modern thrash back into the spotlight and flagship's French thrash. It's everything you need from a thrash metal band, heavy as hell riffs accompanied by blast beats and completed with the perfect vocal mix.

It seems that Heart Attack are growing better and louder with each release and we are extremely keen to see what else is to come from the guys in the coming months, hopefully we can even catch a show to see what they can do on a live stage.


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