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Hollow Bones - Interview

We sent some questions over to rising American Melodic Hardcore outfit Hollow Bones, check out what we spoke about below.

Adam - Tell us a little about Hollow Bones. How did you form, where did the name come from and

where did your love of metal come from?

Pat - Hey, Pat here! Hollow Bones is now (Officially) three years old with our current line-up, but (unofficially) we are going to be four years old. We used to be called Edenborn, which consisted of Pat, Sharon, and Andrew, but we had some member changes around that time and decided to switch the name to Hollow Bones when we released the music video for Drytooth. We felt that it was the beginning of a new direction for us musically and visually, so we chose a name that was pretty deliberate in terms of having a meaning for us. We didn’t want to pick some arbitrary name that just sounded cool (which is totally rad to do, just not for us). We spent some time throwing ideas back and forth and finally landed on Hollow Bones. As far as our love for metal, I think collectively we all have different reasons, but I think that where all of our reasons cross paths would probably be the passion that is involved in the songwriting process. Metal (as a whole genre) is very expressive and emotive. In a single song you can go from something really angry and aggressive, to something gentle and sweet. I think that freedom and potential is what ultimately drew us in.

Adam - What’s the best thing about the NY music scene?

Pat - Hmm, I think the answer is probably multi-faceted. On the one hand one of the great things is that it is beginning to grow very large again, after dwindling for a few years. You’re starting to see a lot of new faces, and kids coming back to support their favorite locals, which is imperative. The NY scene is PACKED full of really great bands, too. I mean, there are just so many talented musicians out here, it is almost hard to keep track.

Adam - And what's the worst?

Pat - Well, for a while you were not seeing a lot of people coming out to local shows anymore. Even big ticket shows weren’t doing as well. That is probably due to a number of things, but it was a huge bummer. Shows would get too violent for some people that just weren’t there for that, and I think that was part of the reason people weren’t going out anymore.

Adam - What can fans expect from you this year?

Pat - We have a lot going on right now, actually. We are looking to start touring in April, which is really exciting. We cannot wait to play new places, and to visit some favorites (we are looking at you PA). We are currently writing our next release, and so far it is going really well, so there will definitely be new music/video from us soon!

Adam - Do you have any plans to begin touring to other countries?

Pat - This would be a dream come true for us, and if there is a market for us to play to, we would love to cross the pond!

Adam - Where would you love to play that you haven't before, and why?

Pat - I would love to play in California. I have a lot of friends there, and it would be cool to visit them and play shows. It would also mean that we successfully toured to the other side of the country, and that would be rad, haha. Also, Germany. I have heard that it is awesome playing shows there from some more experienced musician friends, and that would mean that we successfully broke into the European market!

Adam - What are you doing to try be different from other bands in your genre?

Pat - This is tough, because it is inevitable that you will come across sameness, just based on the sheer quantity of people writing this kind of music, so trying to stand out is difficult (especially when the people in your market are all so talented!). For us, we want our music writing to set us apart. We have some things in our music that you will recognize as part of the genre, but our overall sound is unique to us. In the future, we will also be incorporating different artistic mediums into our craft, and that will further set us apart.

Adam - Is there anything you want to experiment with on your music?

Pat - For sure. In the last question I mentioned incorporating more artistic mediums into our craft. This is going to be a big thing, I think. I don’t want to say too much about it yet, as it isn’t finished being fully realized, but it is definitely going to be different. As far as the music itself, we are always trying to expand what we do, while maintaining our HB sound.

Adam - With the recent terror threats is there anywhere you wouldn't like to play at the moment?

Pat - We are all human beings, and we all have to share this planet, and maybe the people that are scared could use some of our love, so, no. For me personally, there isn’t a place that I wouldn’t want to go.

Adam - What's the best piece of advice you have been given?

Pat - Work hard to never give up on your dreams, and work smart to achieve them.

Adam - And what was the worst?

Pat - I think we have been fortunate enough to really only have helpful information come our way, to be honest. Though, we have been recommended to work with certain promoters that haven’t been very kind to us, so maybe that.

Adam - What is the strangest thing a fan has said or done for you?

Pat - Well...I wouldn’t say it is necessarily strange, but it was definitely awesome; we had a couple of people follow us to a couple of our shows from town to town in upstate NY, and they bought us t-shirts, and some Legend of Zelda novelty stuff, and that was super cool.

Adam - What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you at a show?

Pat - Probably sounding terrible because we are unable to hear ourselves, haha. Unfortunately that happens a lot more often than we would like to admit.

Adam - Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Pat - Sadly, no. No cool chant, or huddle, or anything like that. Although, we may start now that you’ve brought it to our attention, haha.

Adam - What is your ultimate zombie survival plan?

Pat - I have been preparing for this question my entire life. Secure all weapons necessary (two melee (Katana, baseball bat) one shotgun, one handgun, one rifle), get to rendezvous point, secure food, water, and materials to plant food for long term stay. Fortify rendezvous spot, and then hunker down.

Thank's so much Pat for taking some time to speak with us! Hopefully we will hear some stories of your new pre-show rituals soon!

You can check out Hollow bones here: Facebook

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