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Sandra's Wedding - Northern Powerhouse

We have been sent across the debut album from local lads Sandra's Wedding, here's what we think.

It's not every day we get the pleasure of working with a band on our front doorstep so we were very happy to give the highly anticipated Sandra's Wedding album 'Northern Powerhouse' a blast through.

First impressions are always the most important things to get right and I think it is very safe to say the guys are making the right first impressions here.

At first I can detect hints of The Smiths in the writing style and in Joe's vocals, which is absolutely never a bad thing. They also manage to diversify themselves with both darker sounding tracks and ones that are a little lighter, almost The Beautiful South-esque.

Northern Powerhouse is a fantastic way for the guys to introduce themselves and to demonstrate exactly what they can do and the sound that they can develop and move forward with. The most important thing to take away from this is the fact that they have quite clearly put a lot of work and effort into the album to make sure that it is 100% ready for release, also, anything that gives Tom Hill a chance to hit the stage in his pink leg warmers will always get our backing!

A solid debut release from a very promising local band, here's hoping they go from strength to strength, I am sure we will be seeing a lot of them throughout the year!

For lack of better words I suppose the best way to sum this one up is 'fucking dead good, this, lads!'

You can check Sandra's Wedding out here: Facebook

R R R (Strong release, we have high hopes for these local lads!)

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