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Louise Distras - Interview

Following on from our trip to Leeds to witness the 'One Woman Sound of Revolution' do her thing live we sent across some questions for her to answer.

Adam - You have been titled the One Woman Sound of Revolution, with recent political marches and results do you feel it is now, more than ever, time for people to actually stand up and be counted? Louise - I think it's always a good time for people to stand up and shout about the things they care about. The more noise we make, the more people will hear us!

Adam - Many people believe that you are the one to get more females involved in the punk/rock music scene, did you ever feel that you would be looked at in that way when you first started your career? Louise - When I first started playing music I wasn't thinking about the way people would look at me. I was thinking about how bad I was feeling inside and of how writing chords, melodies and words made me feel so much better. This is still the case!

Adam - Do you feel that you are having an impact on women, are you getting any feedback from shows?

Louise - On the King Blues tour, a lot of young women have been coming up to me after the shows and telling me that they've never seen or heard women on a stage playing punk rock before. They said it made them want to do it too and I think that's amazing. I never had a female role model growing up, so it makes me happy to know that so many women had a positive and empowering experience at one of my shows. I hope it continues!

Adam - Do you think there are any specific issues in the music scene in regards to female musicians and if so how can they be combated? Louise - Oh yeah, it's a total boys club. It's completely sexist and a big issue that needs to be addressed time and time again until something changes. We can start by calling these things out for what they are when we see them!

Adam - What advice would you give to those that actually want to get involved in music? Louise - Just play!

Adam - How has this tour been for you? Louise - It's been brilliant! All the shows have sold out and The King Blues fans made me feel so welcome at every show. Plus they did a big food drive so lots of food was collected and donated to the local soup kitchens. It has been a very positive and inspiring experience and I'm so glad to be a part of it all. I'll be sad when it's over!

Adam - What can people expect from your shows? Louise - I've started playing the tambourine onstage, but need more practice so I can learn to play it in time!

Adam - What can people expect from you for the rest of the year? Louise - I'll be releasing a new single in the Spring followed by lots of UK + EU shows, this summer I'll be playing Camden Rocks, 2000 Trees and Rebellion Festivals, recording my second album and hopefully releasing it before the end of the year!

Adam - Zombie Survival Plan? Louise - Aim for the head!

As mentioned above Louise is headed out for a couple of festival appearances and we shall be catching up with her at every opportunity we get!

And if any girls out there need a stage to play shows on we have spaces coming up in York!

You can check Louise out and keep up to date with her here: Facebook

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