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The King Blues - Key Club - Leeds - 01/02/17

We welcomed in the start of February in immense style as we headed to The Key Club in Leeds for one of the most exciting shows we have ever worked.

The King Blues headline run of the UK sold out on almost every night, so we headed out to see what all the hype was about.

Local support came from Yorkshire Rats who opened the show in a fantastic manner. The guys performed to a very full crowd, a sight rarely seen for an opening slot and those that turned out early were not to be left disappointed.

Yorkshire Rats may well be the next big thing in the UK Punk-Rock scene, they have everything going for them and it appears to be that they are going to grab the scene by the scruff of it's neck and show it exactly who is in charge. An absolutely brilliant way to open the night, I could have listened to them all night!

Main support on this run of shows has been the highly praised Louise Distras and her band of ass kicking female warriors. We had heard a lot of great and promising things about Louise lately, and so, we kind of figured what to expect, a little bit of punk, a little bit of political chanting and a little bit of interaction with the crowd...oh how fucking wrong we were!

Louise stormed on to the stage and her presence grabbed everyone in the room and dragged them forward, she commanded the crowd within an instant and made that stage her own. Not a single person was stood still, everyone had their hands in the air, everybody was chanting what she wanted them to chant, she was loud, she was in your face and she was frighteningly good!

And finally, the undisputed kings of modern Punk-Rock The King Blues were finally back in Leeds. We caught up with Itch before the show so be sure to keep an eye out for that interview!

At this point Louise Distras had warmed the Yorkshire crowd up to the point that they were ready to completely discharge. From the very first to the very last song the crowd were jumping, diving, fist bumping and chanting along to a set-list complied of shit loads of hits.

You could tell just how much people had missed The King Blues and it say's a lot for the band when they can play two new songs that had only been released via pre-order for their new album 'The Gospel Truth' days ago and people already knew the words and were singing along.

Itch was a preacher addressing his followers after a long hiatus and it's safe to say that he, and everyone in the room loved it!

The band have a platform to get their messages across, to help maintain unity and to give people a voice when they may not quite know what to say or what to think, it's great to see a band that has that effect on the population returning to help fight for what is right through their music.

The Key Club played perfect host to what has to be considered one of the best gig's we have ever attended, it was loud, it was bouncing and it brought so many people together. Well played.

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