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Kepler Ten - Delta-V Review

Southampton based rock trio Kepler Ten are lining up to release their new album Delta-V, we decided to give it a blast through and see what they are all about.

On the first play through I had to double check that I hadn't been accidentally sent across some sort of War of the World's spin-off, it had such a fantastic, psychedelic storytelling feel to it!

The songs are so well written and recorded that you can almost imagine some sort of space odyssey musical taking place with Delta-V as the soundtrack.

It has been a long time since a band delivered such originality and imagination on a release. Kepler Ten are a perfect blend of 80's golden age prog-rock and what the modern day genre has become.

Delta-V is a strong release for the band and may well open some fantastic avenues for the trio.

Final Rating: R R R (Delta-V: A Space Odyssey starring Liam Neeson, coming to a theatre near you soon!)

You can follow Kepler Ten here: Facebook

And you can check out their music video for Time and Tide below.

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