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Devil You Know - York - 12/01/2017 - Review

We got our year off to a strong start this week by heading to Fibbers in York to catch the Devil You Know show.

Opening the show was Brutai, the band we were most excited to see, and the band that quite a lot of the crowd wanted to see, but due to a horrendous cock-up on the promoters behalf a lot of the fans missed the set.

Brutai, who are enormously tipped to be a real wrecking force in the music scene in the coming years, battled on throughout the cock-up with great professionalism. We were very keen to see if they could transfer the energy from their debut album 'Born' to the stage and they did not disappoint. Front man Felix has one of the most diverse vocal ranges I have ever heard which allows the band to accomplish pretty much anything! The guys were outstanding and showed why they utterly deserve all the plaudits coming their way.

Wearing Scars were next up to the stage, a band that have battled hard to make a career work. They demonstrated their showmanship immediately and managed to pull the crowd closer and it was great to see fans singing back to them and the guys doing their best to get up close and personal getting them involved. They performed brilliantly and sounded like they were ready to take on the world and that they were thoroughly enjoying their time on stage. We can't wait to see what else these guys have up their sleeves for us for the remainder of the year.

Canadian mob ONI were the next to the stage and they absolutely blew the place away, literally. They were everything that they had billed themselves to be, they were heavier than the rest, they were louder than the rest and they were utterly brilliant. They commanded the stage and the crowd effortlessly and could quite easily have been the headliner of the event. A faultless performance, they demonstrated their arsenal of instruments and ideas perfectly, they have an enormously bright future ahead of them, you can expect to see them in the UK soon, just don't expect to be able to hear anything for about a week afterwards, even longer if you are brave (stupid) enough to stand right next to a speaker...

And finally, the big one, the one everyone had come out for... Devil You Know, fronted by Howard Jones who, only three years ago, seemed all but done with music. Flash forward three years and he is like a man reborn, he had so much energy on the stage, so much passion and commanded the place like a God. He was smiling throughout the show and seemed to be having the time of his life, playing in a small venue in a small town in England, I highly doubt people will be able to see him this close and personal again, Devil You Know deliver a brilliant show with fresh ideas and songs that have already cemented themselves in the hearts of fans, the next time you get chance to see them it will be on a bigger stage from behind safety barriers.

You can check all the bands out at the links below, and be sure to keep your eyes out for the interviews with them all, which will be posted shortly along with more pictures from the night!


Wearing Scars


Devil You Know

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