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Brutai - Born - Album Review

Ahead of our scheduled interview with Brutai in York on the 12th January we have given their album Born a blast through, here is what we make of it.

The ten track long, or short, if you're a glass half full type of person is jam pack of energy. The rhythm and individuality that these guys possess will knock you off your feet. They have blended groovy tones, heavy and soothing vocals, strong hooks and riffs all with a refreshing ease.

It's certainly different, in a very, very good way. There isn't anything that the guy's haven't attempted with Born and it is very clear to see why they are one of the most anticipated bands in the scene at the moment, they possess something that isn't easy to come by, they possess a brand new sound, a sound that is carried by the band incredibly professionally and flawlessly.

There is so much potential with these guys, and it will be incredibly exciting to see what they bring to the live stage with them when they head out on tour. We are expecting high energy and so many bodies being thrown around!

Born is simply stunning and will be a tough release to follow up with, but we are certain that Brutai will deliver, and we can not wait to hear what's next.

RRRRR (5/5)

Track listing:

1) - Relapse

2) - Deep

3) - Of Ashes

4) - Lucidity

5) - Valediction

6) - Never Change

7) - Dear Emily

8) - Over Now

9) - Visitors

10) - The Border

You can check Brutai out here: Facebook

You can purchase Born here: I-Tunes

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