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Chisel Beeches - Interview

Adam - Firstly, tell us a little about yourselves. Why did you choose the name Chisel Beeches?

Matt (Bassist) - We’re called Chisel Beeches after a book called On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan. It’s about a newly married couple being really sexually repressed. It’s relateable. We changed it from that to Chisel Beeches because it’s easier to Google.

Adam - Who are your key influences in your music?

Matt - We like rock bands who make interesting music that’s also fun to listen to. When we started out we were listening to a lot of Don Broco, Canterbury, Lower Than Atlantis and Reuben. These days we’re really digging the stuff our pals in Best of Enemies, Grumble Bee, In Dynamics, Press to Meco and Bellevue days are putting out.

Adam - What made you want to pick up an instrument and start a band?

Matt - It’s different reasons for all of us, but generally speaking none of us were very cool and we figured it would be a good way of tricking people in to thinking we were.

Chad learned guitar because he broke his leg and didn’t have anything else to do, plus he wanted girls to like him.

Drummer Steve learned to play drums because he needed something to hit.

Singer Steve learned to play guitars because he didn’t have a personality and needed something to replace it with.

I learned bass because I told my friends I could play. When they asked me to play bass in their new band I realised I had to learn pretty quickly.

Adam - What was the best piece of advice you was given when you first started?

Matt - A great man once told me never to drink milkshake when you’re feeling sick. Milkshake sick is the worst.

Adam - And what was the worst?

Matt - Milkshake is a good cure for an upset stomach.

Adam - You have just released your new EP 'Last in, First out' what has the response been like so far from fans?

Matt - So far it’s been really positive. Everyone seems to have a different favourite of our new tracks which I think is a good sign!

Adam - How do you feel you have progressed musically with the release of this EP?

Matt - Really what we tried to do with this release is push what we did with the last one to something a little more extreme. We pushed the catchier bits to be more catchy, the heavier bits are heavier. Lyrically we’re still aiming to tell relatable stories, but on this record the themes vary a bit more in content and tone. Two of the tracks tell the story of a relationship torn apart by cheating, and the other two are about a shit night out and a scandalous spam email respectively.

Adam - What was the highlight of recording the EP?

Matt - We love where we record. It’s on a private island just outside of Kingston. The only way to get across is super narrow bridge, so you’ve got to load all your gear into these tiny vans. I think my personal highlight was our producer, Chris Coulter, attempting to teach us a new way of peeling an orange and it not working at all. Primo tips, Chris!

Adam - And what was the most annoying part?

Matt - We had to cook separate meals for singer Steve because he doesn’t like cheese. As far as I’m concerned everything good has cheese in it.

Adam - Have you ever had any urges to experiment musically and if so what exactly have you wanted to try out on a track?

Matt - Well I did just release a Christmas EP called Matt’s Got The Horn which is me performing Christmas classics entirely making horn noises with my mouth. Not sure if that would ever make it on to a Chisel Beeches track though.

Adam - What is the worst part of band life?

Matt - Not having enough money to do everything you want to. Being in a band is expensive!

Adam - What is the strangest thing a fan has ever told you or given you?

Matt - I think a fan bought a record off us once.

Adam - Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Matt - We always warm up before shows. Sometimes it’s hard to find a quite place though, so we end up in stairwells or back alleys running through songs.

Adam - What do you think the biggest issue facing smaller bands is?

Matt - I think it’s super hard to get heard and grow. There are so many great bands vying for attention!

Adam - And how would you combat it?

Matt - I’m not sure what can be done to be honest! I think the way that people consume music is changing at a breakneck pace and it’s tough to keep up. I think the most important thing is to just keep making the best music you can. That or Mortal Kombat. Kill all rivals.

Adam - Where are your favourite venues to play, and why?

Matt - Our local venue, Hoodoo’s in Croydon is great. John and Richard, who run it, really care about bands and building a scene. The Black Heart up in London is where we’ve had some of our best gigs, and The Bedford in Balham has a really nice atmosphere.

Adam - If you could ask a dead musician any question about making it in the industry what would you ask, and to whom?

Matt - I think most of the dead musicians wouldn’t really know what to do in today’s music industry! I think I’d ask Prince how he got his hair to look so great. That’d be a good use of a question.

Adam - And what do you think they would respond with?

Matt - I think he’d be really evasive. You’ve got to keep those secrets to yourself.

Adam - What can fans expect from you in the new year?

Matt - We’re planning to play a bunch of festivals. We’ve all got full time jobs but we want to play as many sick shows as possible.

Adam - To finish off with we have been asking every band to give us their ultimate zombie survival guide, so, the undead are coming for you, where do you go and how do you fight and survive?!

Matt - I think I would die really quickly because I’ve got dicky knees. Chad and drummer Steve would be OK because they’re athletic. Not sure about singer Steve. He’d probably give up straight away.

Adam - And, as a bonus festive question... Santa has died, you have been put in charge of the North Pole, what do you change? How do you operate? And what would you name your reindeer?

Matt - I think we’d outsource all the production to China and use the money we save to buy some cool guitars (from China). I would make sure we call every reindeer Shameless Trevor. That seems like a good name for a reindeer.

You can follow Chisel Beeches online here: Chisel Beeches

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