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KMJ Promotions Christmas Extravaganza 2 Live Review

On Wednesday 14th December we headed to York to catch up with some old friends and attend our first live show of the year after coming back into operation as KMJ Promotions hosted their Christmas show at The Basement.

Opening the event up were local pop-punk trio One Way Street, who were showcasing their brand new bassist Bryn Portas. The guys kicked things off perfectly and if you hadn't of known you would of guessed that they had been playing with the current line-up for years. They had fantastic chemistry on stage and sounded incredible together.

Second to the stage were Leeds pop-punk outfit, and some of the nicest guys we have ever had the pleasure of working with, Pray For Hayden. The guys always manage to sound more and more impressive each time we get the chance to see them. They always bring an enormous amount of energy and passion which reflects highly in the way they perform. And despite the fact that they hadn't rehearsed for a long time they still managed to sound as tight as ever. With a new album on the horizon we are incredibly happy to see the guys still going strong and still delivering punchy, in your face, pop-punk masterclasses.

The final band to take to the stage were local heroes On The Ropes (also known as One The Ropes). Fronted by another Riff Media favourite in the lovely Jonny Gill. We had a very good idea of what was to come following on from the previous times we had seen the guys perform. The set was jumpy, energetic and very in your face, however most of this could be down to the fact that Jonny Gill needed to hit his daily mileage after skipping his ritualistic night run for the show. The guys seem to be developing really well into their own sound and progressing with their ideas which bodes well for the future. The crowd were behind them and the future is whatever they can make of it.

All in all the show was brilliant, however we can't help but feel that someone was missing... perhaps if Selby pop-punkers Lyon Estates had been added to the line-up things would have been so much more better...if only somebody could have hooked that up.

You can check out all the bands (including the missing Lyon Estates) at the links below.





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