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A Promise To Forget - Interview

Adam - You have just released your new track ‘Sylvia’ which is taken from your debut album ‘Dying to Live’ what has the feedback been like so far?

APTF - The feedback from the single has been really positive! It's been a little while since we released anything so we weren't sure entirely what the reaction was going to be, but seeing people getting really excited has been great for us!

Adam - Why did you choose this track as the flagship single for the album?

APTF - We thought it was one of the stronger tracks on the album and it had a lot of meaning behind it. There were a lot of tracks to choose from but we thought this one was the best way to introduce the new record and give fans a real feel of how the record will sound.

Adam - Your debut album ‘Dying to Live’ is due out February 2017, what have been the key influences behind it?

APTF - The key influences behind Dying To Live musically are ranged quite a bit; from BMTH, to CHVCHES, and many other artists. We have quite a ranged taste in APTF band and it really shows in the record. Lyrically the influences were brought on by Tim's suffering from anxiety and the everyday dealings of it as well as some stories in there as well.

Adam - What is the worst part of being in a band and what bad habits have you picked up whilst on the road?

APTF - The worst part of being in a band is probably sitting in a van for hours on end waiting to get to the next city, we picked up some pretty bad habits on tour (mainly playing the Backstreet Boys and singing along like James Hetfield!)

Adam - What has been the hardest part of band life so far?

APTF - The hardest part has been what a lot of bands have suffered with; its balancing everything at once. We're all still in university so recording an album, touring, working part time jobs, and doing uni assignments has been pretty tough!

Adam - What are your main influences in music and what made you want to start a band in the first place?

APTF - Our main influences are alternative rock bands like BMTH, PVRIS, Beartooth, Don Broco etc. it was actually bands like Four Year Strong, Fightstar, and Framing Hanley that made us want to start a band back in 2012. We were all still in secondary school and we wanted to write songs to perform at school concerts and outside of school as well.

Adam - What is the best piece of advice you have been given about your music career?

APTF - The best piece of advice we've been given is keep pushing yourselves and keep improving. Don't worry about everything else and just keep trying to get better.

Adam - And the worst?

APTF - The worst piece of advice was to pay to get on shows... Don't ever do that.

Adam - As 2016 ends, what can fans expect from you in the new year except from the release of the album?

APTF - In the new year we're hoping to tour a lot more, hopefully go to Europe to play some shows and play a few festivals too!

Adam - What was the most fun part about recording the album?

APTF - The most fun part was just being in the studio recording, we had accumulated these songs over a year or two and finally getting to record them was a blast. We also changed a lot and experimented with them as well so that was really fun.

Adam - What was the worst thing about being in the studio?

APTF - The worst thing about being in the studio is that it can be quite stressful, you're paying by the hour and we financed the recording ourselves so time was of the essence. Getting that balance between saving time and doing things to a high standard was difficult at points but we did it!

Adam - How do you feel your sound has evolved since you first started out as a band?

APTF - When we started as a band we were 15 years old and we loved pop punk and metal-core so we tried to put them both together and play lighthearted but heavy music. As we got older and we explored the world a little bit, we found that we liked writing in a slightly darker style and the themes of the music got darker as Tim progressed in writing lyrics.

Adam - Do you ever get the urge to experiment on your tracks with things you’ve never tried before?

APTF - Yes we do like to experiment a lot; John (drummer) writes most of the music with Tim (vocalist) doing the lyrics. John likes a lot of electronic music as well as rock and they come together really well. There are some fairly complex tracks in terms of production on Dying To Live because we have experimented with different sounds and effects throughout the record.

Adam - What has been your favourite show to play to date, and why?

APTF - Our favourite show has to be when we played with We Came As Romans last December in Birmingham. The place was full and we got to play with a band that we have all liked for a really long time! It was really cool representing our hometown for a band that has played huge venues all over the world.

Adam - Do you have any pre-show rituals that you do before any gigs?

APTF - We don't really have any rituals, we tend to keep quite calm before going on stage, Tim warms up his voice and we all do some stretches (don't want to get cramp up there!) we like to try to get in the zone before we perform.

Adam - What’s the best prank you’ve played on another band, or band mate?

APTF - In terms of pranks, we just like to scare each other a lot, we jump out at each other all the time, it can be pretty hilarious at times

Adam - What is the weirdest thing you have been given or told by a fan?

APTF - One time a fan drew us all as Pokemon, that was pretty strange but it was also kinda cool.

Adam - And to finish up with, with growing fear that a zombie apocalypse may one day happen we are asking all bands what their ultimate survival plan is for surviving the UN-dead?!

APTF - To survive a zombie apocalypse is simple: stay put, hoard resources and get armed to the teeth!... Then maybe go to the Winchester and have a pint.

You can check A Promise To Forget out here: Facebook

You can also check out the video for 'Sylvia' below.

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