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The Gloria Story - Interview

The Gloria Story - Riff Media Interview

Adam - You are embarking on your Unplugged in the UK tour with The Quireboys, what can gig goers expect from your set and your show? Filip - We've chosen songs from our entire catalogue along with some really cool covers that we love doing. Also it's a much more energetic performance than most people expect from an unplugged show. We got this really cool, vintage, analogue KORG drum machine that brings a unique beat to some of our faster songs. We think it's going to be really fun and entertaining. Adam - This is your first tour of the UK how excited are you to be over here and what are you expecting from the English crowds? Filip - UK is the home of our music heroes. When we browse through our vinyl collections back home we find everything from the Beatles and Stones to Zeppelin and Sabbath. And yeah, there's even some Quireboys in there. To us it's a huge honour to visit the UK for this tour. It's like sacred ground to us. English people are well known for partying. Suits us fine! We expect a good time! Adam - What sights are you hoping to see over here on your time off between shows? Filip - We have a day off in London, that's gonna be great. Music stores and pubs. And we're also into history, so hopefully we'll have the chance to visit some historic areas in most cities. And, of course, meeting people. That's always the main reward when going on tour - hooking up with interesting, new friends. Adam - What do you think is the strangest thing about the UK? Filip - For us - driving on the LEFT side of the road. Scares the hell out of us. Also some of the food seems a bit odd. Haggis? Well, thank you - I'll pass on that. Adam - What is the worst part of being in a touring band and what bad habits do you pick up whilst on the road? Filip - The long drives are tough, and sometimes spending 24:7 with the same people can be annoying. But we get along. The whole lifestyle of being on the road is actually kind of a bad habit. You know - the feeling of having no rules, enjoying anything and anyone you can. All the beer and the junk food... Adam - As 2016 ends, what can fans expect from you in the new year and how soon do you expect to be back on the road? Filip - We'll release an acoustic single early 2017, like a souvenir for all who came to the unplugged shows. After that it's back into the studio working on our next album. And hopefully we'll be back on the road for some summer festivals! Adam - What factors come into place when you begin looking at tours, how do you decide where you want to play and where you don’t want to? With growing fears over security abroad are there any places you think that you won’t travel to? Filip - We'll go anywhere. That's the honest answer. If there's a stage and an audience for our kind of music - we will be there. If we start to restrain ourselves, limiting ourselves because we're scared of terrorists or whatever - they will have won! The way we will beat those evil people is to continue to live our lives as freedom loving Humans. Adam - You have recently released your new album ‘Greetings from Electric Wasteland’ what has been your main influences on the album? Filip - Cheerful rock and roll from the 60's, 70's and early 80's. We wanted to make a happy album, much like a counterweight to all the bad things in the world. A 40 minute escape from reality, so to speak Adam - What was the most fun part about recording the album? Filip - Doing most of it ourselves, just spending late nights in the studio and tossing around various ideas. Also the album wasn't stressed in anyway. We took our time. On our earlier releases there's always been a tight schedule. This time we had time to redo anything we felt needed to be fixed. Adam - What was the worst thing about being in the studio? Filip - Sore throats. Sometimes you just don't have it in you. If the feeling is wrong or the voice is a bit off you can end up with a lot of takes that's rubbish and has to be done again. That is frustrating! Adam - How do you feel your sound has evolved since you first started out as a band? Filip - We move towards a more live oriented sound. Anything we do on album these days we can usually pull off live. Our earlier releases has all those overdubs and extra guitars added. Not anymore. It's straight forward, cheerful rock and roll these days! Adam - Do you ever get the urge to experiment on your tracks with things you’ve never tried before? Filip - Sometimes we feel like trying out a heavier, more aggressive sound. But we can't fool ourselves. We're a bunch of happy lads - and that's mostly what our music reflects Adam - What’s the best thing about the Swedish music scene? Filip - There's a lot of new, good bands that plays classic rock or action rock. I love it. Like a new generation of Hellacopters-disciples. However the whole DJ-phenomenon, with DJ's being marketed as live musicians is very bad for the Swedish live-scene. Many places where we used to play a few years back has closed down as a result. That's horrible. Adam - What has been your favourite show to play to date, and why? Filip - So many to choose from. But playing Sweden Rock in 2012 is still a memorable event. The size of the whole thing and getting up in front of that big crowd... hard to beat! What a good rush! Adam - Do you have any pre-show rituals that you do before any gigs? Filip - Actually we don't. We go from zero to a hundred as soon as we hit the stage, but can sit around just relaxing up until a few minutes prior to our showtime. It's when we get on the stage that the mind changes into live-mode. Adam - What’s the best prank you’ve played on another band, or band-mate? Filip - This is really sick, actually. But at one point we played with a band known for smashing an acoustic guitar at the end of their show. I won't tell who they where, but they are arrogant and we didn't get along with them. So we put a bag with an actual TURD inside of the instrument that was supposed to get smashed. And when he did... well. Things splattered all over the stage. Very immature. But so funny. Adam - What is the weirdest thing you have been given or told by a fan? Filip - On a more serious note, sometimes fans tell us we're the ones who saved their lives or got them through a tough time in their lives. For us it's hard to believe that our music can have such an impact on a persons life. And we are very humbled and moved when we hear those stories. It really shows the power of rock and roll - and it motivates us to keep on doing what we do! Also, we've seen a few The Gloria Story tattoo's with our logo. It's the weirdest thing to us, that someone would actually brand them selves with our band name. But we love them for it! Adam - And to finish up with, with growing fear that a zombie apocalypse may one day happen we are asking all bands what their ultimate survival plan is for surviving the undead?! Filip - They don't call guitars "axes" for nothing, right? Bring on the apocalypse and we will do some serious skull bashing. The rest of them will vaporise when we turn our orange amps up to 11!

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