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Mary Has A Gun - Pendulum - Album Review

Mary Has A Gun - Pendulum - Album Review

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For some time now we have been linked with bands in France and we are proud to be able to continue our work with one of their finest bands, Mary Has A Gun.

The band have shared a lot of success since their formation way back in 2003, sharing the stage with bands such as All Time Low and Four Year Strong.

We reviewed their debut album 'PM' some time ago and are now delighted to be able to have a listen to their brand new, second album 'Pendulum'.


  1. Hypnotized

  2. T.I.M.E

  3. Monkey Tricks

  4. No Mercy

  5. Easy Way

  6. Tragic Destiny of an Ice Cube

  7. Under Your Skin

  8. Sleeping Volcano

  9. Do You Copy Me

10. Live Fast, Die Old

11. U.F.O

The band are heavily influenced by bands such as All Time Low and demonstrated this influence a lot in their first release 'PM'. It seems that they have developed massively as their own band with their own sound with this new release, keeping true to their genre but also adding their own twist with grittier vocal work making them sound less of a wannabe boy band and more of a pop-punk/punk-rock outfit.

Pendulum is a fantastic album and if you listened to Mary Has A Gun without knowing where they are from France would be your very last guess, they have a very American pop-punk vibe around them and have the potential to be one of you new favourite bands.

It appears that with every new release Mary Has A Gun are staking their claim to becoming the next big thing on the pop-punk circuit and we fully back them to make it to the top.

Another brilliant album from a truly brilliant and massibely promising band.

Très bien, as the French would say.

Riff Rating: R R R R

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