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On The Ropes - Home - EP

York pop-punkers On The Ropes have finally got round to releasing their debut EP 'Home'.

We strongly believe that York has some of the best undiscovered music talent in the country and we were relying on On The Ropes to back this theory up, needless to say they did exactly that!

On The Ropes have really stripped the pop-punk genre back to it's roots with gritty, hard hitting vocals, heavy riffs and bass lines and catchy lyrics.

The seven track EP presents the band really well and has no doubt set them up for a fantastic future with a strong and ever increasing fan base I can see them having a great future.

Hopefully it won't be too long before we hear and see more from them, perhaps a full release is just around the corner but until then you can listen and see what you think for yourself.

Home is up for 'Pay what you want' on the band's webpage, if you are skint or too hip to pay for music then just enter '0' but I urge you to at least pay a pound so that Jonny Gill can pay to feed his rabbits.

Download Home Here

Riff Rating: R R R

- Adam.

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