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Beth McCarthy is a York based singer/songwriter.

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After what feels like a life time AlteredSky are back with a brand new single and music video titled Surrounded. 

The band are held in extremely high esteem, and rightfully so! Surrounded showcases the bands signature sound that they have worked tirelessly to develop an...


Saturday 30th March. Fulford Arms, York.

We had the absolute pleasure of being in attendance for the Pray For Hayden EP launch show to celebrate the release the new EP Second Chances, the follow up to debut EP Chances. 

The line-up was jam packed of bands making it a tot...


Saturday March 30th, York Barbican.

I'd love and hate to be in David Gray's shoes. Reason for saying is this is as a prolific singer songwriter with a tonne of material spanning from 1992 to now, how on earth can you compact a career that long into a set list? Well saf...


Firstly, congratulations to Watch Me Rise for claiming the longest title on the website ever! 

Watch Me Rise are a German emo/hardcore band and, just like football (well, not recently actually..) they do it a damn lot better than us English! 

The entire EP is a glorious...


This is proper filthy, and we love it! 

Land Sharks are making a god damn big splash, currently on tour with Embrace and with this dirty rock 'n' roll in their arsenal it won't be hard for them to win fans over.

This is like a mix of The Rocky Horror Picture Show blended...


We never really know what to expect when a local/unsigned band approaches us with a debut release. Sometimes you get the bedroom demos and sometimes you get something special, something polished and perfected and that is exactly what Insecurities is.

Track listing

1. Cit...

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