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Beth McCarthy is a York based singer/songwriter.

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The worlds sexiest, dirtiest and god damn rockiest supergroup is back. Land Sharks return with their second EP Rock-A-Lips, and my word it is filth.

The supergroup which consists of members from Mr Shiraz, Embrace, Wayward Sons and Nu Popes are a match made in hell...


1. Which bands have had the biggest impact on you to date, musically and visually?

Neil McNaughton – Bass “I think that’s a bit of a different story for each of us, but I guess generally we listen to a lot of Architechs, Thy Art is Murder, Northlane and Periphery. 



Over the past few years Lyon Estates have cemented themselves as one of the biggest names on our local scene, each release seems to come with this heavy expectation that it may be the one that finally propels them into the stratosphere.

Welcome To The Family is the late...


1. Which bands have had the biggest impact on you to date, musically and visually?

The Streets, Oh Wonder and The Script I think have had the greatest impact; just some of their lyrics I really connect with and feel. The Script was a favourite of my Dad’s and we used to...


When you book a wedding the one thing you want to get right is the band/entertainment and for myself this was absolutely one of the biggest priorities.

So I called on Riff Media and my favourite guys Pray For Hayden to see what they could do.

With a wedding band you expe...


It isn't very often we get the pleasure to review some home town talent. But finally we have something to shout about as local band whore Robbie Burton has ventured back into music and taken some familiar faces along with him.

The former Castor Troy vocalist has taken f...

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